Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giveaway: Slim Down for Summer with Dr. Pierre Dukan

Damn the French. First it was some gorgeous Frenchwoman gloating how she can down cheese, baguettes and bubbly and still be a skinny bitch; now it's a French doctor ready to solve anyone's weight problem in four easy steps.

We would really hate them if it weren't true, right? 

Well, don't get angry yet. Turns out Dr. Pierre Dukan is on to something. He has spent the last 10 years perfecting this weight loss approach overseas with real people after years of working as a neurologist and family doctor.

The four-phase plan relies on protein-rich foods in the first week to stimulate weight loss, and introduces vegetables and other food items in the following weeks. (If I may interject, Doctor, this non-expert, non-French, skinny bitch advises readers to also include more basic exercise like walking and taking the stairs.) 

Kate Middleton lost two dress sizes on The Dukan Diet prior to becoming the Duchess of Cambridge. Really, what else is there to know?! Get to your slim self just in time for summer.

I've got five Dukan Diet books to give away this weekend. But first I want to know, in a world without calories, what are you eating? (Once again, there's no wrong answer.) Send an email to or tweet @theFlist with your answer by midnight on Friday, June 17th.

Thanks in advance for making me hungry with your answers. Enjoy!

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