Monday, June 6, 2011

Reader Survey: What's Normal?

Last week I asked readers "What is normal?" and you answered in droves. I expected as much, since it was a chance to win an autographed copy of Kelly Cutrone's latest book Normal Gets You Nowhere. It was such fun reading the responses, I had to share. Here are a few choice favorites:

What is normal?

Thinking, "I don't give a damn!" and leaving the house with a ton of self-confidence.
~ Domenica

Normal is forgettable. Normal is following the status quo. Normal is being complacent in life, never questioning anything. Normal is what's expected of you. I refuse to be "normal".

~ Stephanie

'Normal' is what makes your mother happy.
~ Anna

Normal is a word that's made up to classify the boring, mundane things in life and the box that you trap yourself in when you only go as far as what people expect of you.
~ Christine

Normal is a whole lot of crazy and a little bit of dull added together and divided in half!
~ Hanah


Normal is what everyone else is doing to fit in!
~ Jessica

Normal is benign, boring and unremarkable.
~ Barbara

Normal is trying to think of  a clever answer to a question, and can't think of a darn thing!!

~ Dyane

Normal is being insecure about our differences, but once embraced, they become are biggest assets.
~ Michelle

~ Maggie 

Normal is vanilla. It is beige on beige, but not in a magnificent suede or textured
leather. It is never flirting with a coworker, or making a sarcastic joke. It is plain, passable, and unprepossessing.
~ Ariella


Good sex!
~ Abbe


Normal is being just like everybody else only different.
~ Janet

There's no such thing is normal! Normal is conforming to who you think you should be instead of who you are.
~ Fiona

Accepting mediocrity in fear of being different from the majority.
~ Rachal

Believing there is no such thing.
~ Jacklyn

Normal is nothing. It is a figment of our imaginations... an idea we've created.  Our own judgement of what we think others expect of us.
~ Wendy

Whatever the hell I want it to be!
~ Jaime-Anne

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