Friday, August 24, 2012

Twisting by the pool with Greta Constantine

Last night the boys from Greta Constantine hosted their Midsummer Affair at Toronto's former German Consulate in the east Annex. (Sure, it may be the end of August but who doesn't appreciate the optimism?) It was a perfect evening for a backyard barbecue pool party, and the city's entire fashion crowd appeared to be in attendance.

Guests were in an optimistic mood, too, with their summer colors and patterns out in full force. It could have been the free Stoli cocktails and burgers. And while it was a pool party, the only bathing suits donned were by the girls who treated us to a cute and quirky synchronized swimming routine set to Gwen Stefani's 'Hollaback Girl.'  

Hey Mister, in the back, why the face?!

LOULOU's Liv Judd four weeks shy of motherhood 
Melissa Bernais of

Designer Alia Juma

Nelia Belkova of and Kimberly Lyn of

Anita Clark of

Glenna Weddle of rac boutique and Jan Gandhi of

Artist Andrea Bolley dressed as a Stoli bottle. Seriously.

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