Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From the Front Row: World MasterCard Fashion Week Edition

Now that Toronto's official fashion week has kicked into full gear, the number of shooters sitting in the seats - as opposed to the media pit - has multiplied to extremes.  Beyond the iPhones and Androids, there are serious cameras in play.  I check in with those sitting front row and ask, what are you shooting with?

JR Bernstein | Fashion Photographer

What are you shooting with?
I change cameras all the time. As an official Fujifilm X-Photographer, I have access to all the professional Fuji cameras. Right now, I'm trying out one of their latest offerings, the Fujifilm X100S. This camera is sold out everywhere, so I'm really lucky to have it.

Do you share the photos? How?
I use the photos in a number of ways.  For one, I'm writing a review of the camera itself, so some of the photos will make it into my review.  Other photos are for publications I shoot for, and some are just for my own enjoyment. As a photographer, I'm constantly shooting.

What’s your favourite feature of this device?
I'm seriously loving this camera!  It's hard to choose just one feature I like best -- its cool retro look and feel, tactile manual controls, fast auto-focus, compact size or great image quality.  But I think my favourite feature has to be the hybrid optical-electronic viewfinder.  It has the best of both worlds.  It really is a camera-geek's dream.  You get all the advantages of using a real optical viewfinder (so you're not looking at a screen) with as much, or as little, digital information as you want superimposed on top.

Check out JR's photography at jrbernstein.com.

Sarah Francis | Blogger

I ran into Sarah at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards announcement on Monday, just before the tents opened.  This new awards show debuts in February 2014 to bring recognition to established and emerging designers across the country.  For more information and a list of confirmed CAFA nominees, click here

What are you shooting with?
I'm old school-ish. I use Canon Rebel XSi Digital.

Do you share the photos? How?
The photos go on my blog but are mainly for inspiration. I'm more of a writer and stylist than photographer, so my goal in the next year is to hone my pic-taking skills.  

What’s your favourite feature of this device?
I have a feeling this camera can do much more than I'm capable of at this point. However, I do love my zoom lens - it makes me feel powerful.  Until I run into someone like George Pimentel, that is.

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