Monday, October 14, 2013

From the Front Row: What are you shooting with at Toronto Fashion Week?

Now that the international fashion shows have finished, Canada's fashion designers vie for their share of media attention.  

I hit Toronto's fashion presentations each season, from the shOws to World MasterCard Fashion Week to independent, offsite shows.  You can find me snapping away on my iPhone - mostly pics to share on Instagram and Twitter.  But I'm no pro when it comes to photography.  No, the pros are piled up at the end of the runway, getting the shots we will drool over hours later.

But I wasn't alone.  Social media has turned all of us into documentarians.  As our spring 2014 season kicked off this week with the shOws, I wondered what the rest of the front row was using to shoot the runway - and what did they do with the photos?

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Roslyn "Roz" Griffith Hall | Stylist

I snapped Roz and Stefania at The ShOws, held at Andrew Richard Designs.  The room drenched in white with a runway that wrapped around the room - is a dream for anyone snapping pics from the front row. 

What are you shooting with?
"I'm using a Canon 7D and my trusty sidekick Leica D-LUX4."

Do you share the photos?  How?
"I have an online 'Look of the Day' column for Zoomer magazine. Some shots will become part of my Stylist's POV wrap up, a cool image post or as a random tweet."  When in Paris, Roz also shoots for her own visual diary, Rue de Roz.  It's a pictorial narrative of fashion trending on the streets.

What’s your favourite feature of this device?
"I'm still discovering what this camera has to offer." 

Stefania Yarhi | Street Style Photographer/Blogger

What are you shooting with? 
"I shoot with my Canon 5D Mark II."

Do you share the photos?  How?
"I shoot for my own blog and also for inspiration.  As a photographer, I have worked with various media outlets shooting the runway from this angle.  I love that you see more movement in the clothes and it's a different perspective than the traditional head on runway shots."

What’s your favourite feature of this device, or what do you wish it could do?
My camera is a professional dslr [digital single-lens reflex], the best investment ever.  I love how sensitive it is to light and when you shoot RAW, the crispness and detail is wonderful.  I do wish it could act as my phone and then publish straight to Twitter and Instagram.  But I have to also shoot with my phone to do that IRL [in real life] during shows, which gets to be panicky."

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