Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From the Front Row: What are you shooting with at Toronto Fashion Week?

Welcome to the second in my new recurring feature where I discover what's going on with the front row's snap-happy guests.  Last week at The ShOws I interviewed Nolan and Nicole.  

Nolan Bryant | Blogger, Photographer

What are you shooting with?
"I use a few different cameras during fashion week.  I borrow a friend's Nikon D5000 if I am shooting from my seat, when I'm backstage I shoot in black and white and use my ancient but wonderful Olympus E500.  It gives me the less then perfect look that I love.  For parties I tend to use a Samsung point and shoot that I've had for years.  It's great when I don't feel like schlepping a DSLR in the evening."

Do you share the photos?  How?
"The photos eventually end up on my blog.  I post almost always black and white photos but during fashion week, when absolutely necessary I will post in colour.  The images that really speak to me will end up on Instagram and Tumblr."

What’s your favourite feature of this device?
"I adore my Olympus E500 because of its simplicity and ability to capture the type of messy images that I like to see.  Crisp and clear images are terribly boring and leave little to the imagination.  My idea of a good picture is one thats a bit out of focus - I think it forces you look a little deeper.  As much as I love this relic of camera it would be nice to have something that shoots full frame."

Nicole Wilson | Blogger

What are you shooting with?
"I'm shooting with the brand new Sony QX10 wireless camera lens connected to my iPhone 5."

Do you share the photos?  How?
"I live tweet and Instagram the photos onsite and then I use them in blog features after the shows.  All fashion photos serve as inspiration for me."

What’s your favourite feature of this device?
"I love that the Sony QX10 attaches to my iPhone and connects wirelessly through bluetooth.  I can snap photos using my iPhone screen with the 10x optical zoom on the Sony QX10 lens and immediately upload them to my social media channels.  It's every bloggers dream device!"

Are you shooting from the front row?  What's your preferred device?  Comment here and you may end up in a future post in my From the Front Row series. Catch the first post here.

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